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Domenica's passion for marketing and design surfaced early, when she built her first website at just ten years old. This early experience revealed her natural talent and enthusiasm for the limitless possibilities of the digital realm. Fascinated by the growing influence of social media on business growth, Domenica pursued her passion and strengthened her skills as a freelancer, specializing in graphic design and social media strategy for a diverse range of clients, including both small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies, over the past 9 years. Her exceptional ability for discerning and allocating value, combined with her commitment to best practices, makes Domenica adept at rapidly and efficiently actualizing brand visions.

Domenica's academic credentials include a B.A. in International Business and Marketing from the University of Memphis,  which has fortified her expertise with a strong academic foundation. Beyond her corporate achievements, she stands as an advocate and voice within female-centric movements, emphasizing the importance of women's empowerment across sectors.

Avanti Creativo emerged from the evolution of D&P Creative Marketing, a venture co-founded by Domenica. D&P, during its duration, garnered acclaim as one of Richmond, California's premier marketing agencies. However, as paths diverged, Domenica took the leap to rebrand and fully realize her vision, birthing Avanti Creativo.


Today, Domenica assumes the role of overseeing all operational and strategic aspects of the company. Since 2021, she has developed comprehensive marketing plans for her clients and successfully executed campaigns for over 20 businesses, establishing a track record of delivering exceptional results.





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